double trouble \ double grins \ is it so with \ twins

August 20 – September 22, 2019

Roger Ballen  / Joseph Beuys / Jorge Méndez Blake / Alighiero (e) Boetti / Claude Cahun & Marcel Moore / Wanda Perrone Capano / Martin Creed / Jun Fujiyasu / Rita Hensen / Huber.Huber / Gerry Johansson / Fie Norsker / Timm Rautert / Gregor Schneider / Linn Schröder / Asbjørn Skou / Neal Slevin / Janos Stekovics / Kristina Stoltz / Will Viney / Gillian Wearing / et al.

One zodiac sign, two individuals, multiple mirroring and many myths:
although under two percent of all births result in twin siblings,
there are countless pictures, ideas, and stories about twin existence and twinning.

The theme of this group exhibition is twins and “twinning”. Presenting works that reflect on individuality, about people in close…

We pause until 19. August at Lothringer13

08/20/19 /

Looking forward to see many visitors from tuesday 20.August on again.