Frucht & Faulheit

June 22 – August 20, 2017

Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca
Adriano Costa
Pedro Wirz
Carlos Vasconcelos
Carla Chaim

Kuratiert von Konstantin Lannert

The exhibition “Frucht & Faulheit” (fruit and laziness) or (fruit and idleness) examines the finding and shaping of identity, the narration and magic of nature, the mystical, and progress and the (false) enchantments of capitalism in the context of a (post-) colonial brazil. It collects works from young, Brazilian artists as it leafs through the…

Devouring. Introduction to Brazilian hunger

07/08/17 / 6pm

Oliver Precht, co-editor of the book series “Neue Subjektile,” in which his translation of “Cannibal Manifesto” appears this year, has organized, along with the Brazilian poets Adelaide Ivánova and Ricardo Domeneck, an evening of performances. There will be readings from the book “Devouring. Introduction to Brazilian hunger.” accompanying the exhibition which was published by Hamann…