Kriegskinder \ Lothringer13 Nest

September 15 – October 21, 2018

Frederike Helwig

ACHTUNG: extended until 21.october.

opening: 14. September 2018 / 7pm

Kriegskinder unearths the memories of those born in the time of National Socialism in Germany, understanding the experience of the Second World War from a child’s perspective. The book, by photographer Frederike Helwig, is a portrait of a generation whose memories will soon disappear with them. Portraits…

no stop non stop

September 26 – November 11, 2018

no stop non stop – exhibition and forum

Migrating images. Defiant knowledge. Diverse experiences. Energies transforming society. Setbacks. Power. Aesthetic processes. Spaces. Fights for rights. Objections. Transgression. Lived her/stories. Social facts. Reflection. Rights to rights.
In the run-up to the public remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the labor recruitment agreement between the Federal…

Filmscreening_2 im Room

10/23/18 / 19h / 7pm

Kidlat Tahimik:

Balikbayan #1 – Memories of Overdevelopment Redux III,

151 min, 2015, Philippines, English and Spanish with English subtitles

“Balikbayan” is the Philippine word for “guest worker”. This film’s protagonist is Enrique Melaka, slave of Portuguese sailor Ferdinand Magellan. Famed for proving the world is indeed round, Magellan ultimately paved the way for Portuguese…