Little Boy’s Luminous Legacies (new, clear, atomic narratives)

April 04 – June 09, 2019

Benten Clay  / Michael Danner / David Fathi / Nina Fischer & Maroan El Sani / Cornelia Hesse-Honegger / Henrik Plenge Jakobsen / Soichiro Mihara / Pieter Laurens Mol / Volker Sattel & Stefan Stefanescu / Kota Takeuchi  / Peter Tillessen  / Robert Voit  / Jane & Louise Wilson /  Ken & Julia Yonetani / Anne Zeitz & David Boureau

Vernissage am 3. April / 19 Uhr

Everything is made up of atoms, of units that are difficult to imagine and consist of much smaller units. And diametrically thought into bigger dimensions,our planet melts to atomic size in the sight of galactic spaces.

We have taken endless time to observe how the splitting of the supposedly…