Filmprogramm linked to Die Insel der Dachhasen at WERKSTATTKINO

08/22/18 / 18h / 6pm

During the exhibition “Die Insel der Dachhasen” we have a cooperation with the WERKSTATTKINO. The Lothringer13 is pleased about this guest performance in Munich’s most magnificent cinema.

Werkstattkino \ Fraunhoferstr. 9 \ 80469 Munich \ 089 260 72 50

On 22.8. at 6…


07/13/18 / 6pm to 9pm

A dim room. In the corner: a man on a keyboard. Green spotlight strokes over plastic palms and the swaying bodies of tightly wrapped couples, who seek to hold each other at late hours to the same gentle rhythm of a bossanova: my little coconut, give me your hand. Believe me, i woke up early…

Lothringer13 Nest: Vernissage – Seeing Her Ghosts

07/13/18 / 19h

Eröffnung der Gruppenausstellung Seeing Her Ghosts  (Ausstellung zum Buch)

Nur die Wahrheit heilt.
Seeing Her Ghosts adressiert Trauma, Familiengeheimnisse und den heutigen Umgang mit Psychose innerhalb der Familie und Gesellschaft. Gezeigt werden Arbeiten, die eine radikale Akzeptanz seelischer Wunden empfehlen und uns anregen offen zu sprechen.

Salon of Wondering and Responsibilities

06/03/18 / 10 pm

every night, 3.– 8. June 2018

In cooperation with the Biennale 2018/ Festival of new music theater

Navid Kermani, Manos Tsangaris, Daniel Ott and guests

The author Navid Kermani and the artistic directors of the Biennale, Daniel Ott and Manos Tsangaris, are extending an invitation on six evenings at a late…

Federico Sanchez – Hörkarte Ultra Soft

06/01/18 / 8 pm

a fresh new first floor will host a first evening event::

Cosima Pitz presents a “Soundcard”

One wall presents a photograph byMaximilian Rossner
the other side focuses on a Music&Text–Bricolage by Federico Sanchez (Pico Be)

Based on a text for the Mail–Magazine Ultra Soft, the soundcard opens into a  84-minute piece, a story with…

Handshake training with Mark Henning

02/03/18 / 19h / 7pm

One time chance!
Handshake training!

The designer Mark Henning helps and will investigate the different meanings of this everyday gesture together with audience members. The reason for the investigation in 2017 was an ad campaign by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. He defined the handshake as an indication of Western…


01/16/18 / 19h / 7pm

Der Komfort-Kuppel-Komplex
Lothringer13 Halle
17.01. – 17.03.2018

curated by Swantje Grundler and Thomas Mayfried

Slavoj Žižek conceives the image of a «dome», the interior of which is operated by the winners of globalisation. He thereby follows Peter Sloterdijk’s idea of the «World Interior of Capital». We immediately envision Buckminster Fuller’s «Dome over Manhattan»…

outposts of resistance


outposts of resistance is a documentary work examining reasons and impacts of the 2003 war on Iraq.
In a mix of video installation and performance based on documentary video recordings and interviews, outposts of resistance investigates the peace action “Human Shields” that attempted to stop the 2003 bombing of Iraq.
The research-based piece examines possibilities…

EXEMPLAR / Photobook flippin`_02 with Anne Morgenstern

12/14/17 / 19h / 7pm

a talk-series on photobooks, initiated by Olaf Unverzart.

EXEMPLAR_02 presents:
ANNE MORGENSTERN and her brandnew book:

Special Guest is JONAS LÜSCHER, reading his REINHEIT_Text

the Series:
EXEMPLAR_01 Thomas Galler in conversation with Jörg Koopmann

Filmmatinee DON´T BLINK

11/26/17 / 11.30am

Sunday special
11.30 a.m.
Don´t Blink, a documentary on Robert Frank by Laura Israel

“Robert Frank is gloriously notorious. He is the groundbreaking photographer of The Americans; the iconoclastic director of Pull My Daisy and Cocksucker Blues; a difficult (almost impossible) interview subject; a rejecter of wealth and celebrity; a man whose ‘sympathies…