Chanting circle mit Kama Aina (JP)

11/16/17 / 16.00h / 4 pm

Our guest from Japan in a special event:
拓次青柳 / Takuji Aoyagi aka Kama Aina (JP)
arranges a public Chanting Circle
Everybody is welcome, so join and bring your children, your grandfather, your cat or any cat, your neighbour or bring your colleague out of the daily routine
We have never experienced a chanting circle, but an amazing Sing Along of Moondog canons with Stefan Lakatos last summer makes us open to all these singing experiences..
A Chanting Circle by Kama Aina not a show, it will be a special experience and we are curious about the charismatic Takuji Aoyagi.

Event here at Lothringer13 Halle is
Thursday Nov.16th 2017 at 16h

A documentary film team from Tokyo will be present.