Finissage Fotodoks

11/25/17 / 4pm

Last weekend into the Fotodoks ME:WE festival and exhibition means opening up the bobbles and once again cheering to Contemporary Documentary Photography and in particular the wonderful photography that is hanging in the Lothringer13 Halle.
In the program you will find royal tunes, layered performance, hot and spicy food for the cool pack, records will spin for a while under valued hands and there will be rare photo books to buy and the Fotodoks catalogue that is now in same category – rare & special.
Finissage Program this Saturday
25th of November:
16.00 Food from ‘Herz & Schnauze’
Once again the super lovely duo will drive there wonderful wagon into the yard and serve Moroccan Vegetable Curry with flatbread (vegan style).

17.00 Last tour(s) into the exhibition
will be offered by the Fotodoks team – expected is infotainment in between 61 to 91 minute.

20.00 Short Performative Reading and a record set from Andreas Neumeister.
He will present a bite of his wonderful book ‘Könnte Köln sein’ and it will be read in German. Neumeister takes us on a cruise via photographer Larry Sultan to the golden West Coast.

21.00 A concert by Jordan Prince (US)
Jordan was born in the same town as Elvis Presley: Tupelo Mississippi, USA. After years in New Orleans he brought his guitar and his American Folk music to Munich and play a live set at Lothringer13 Halle.

The Halle will close at 23.00, but just for a few hours:

Sunday the 26th,
the last day of the exhibition, we have a final highlight and gather for a collective cinema ceremony, a matinee screening for the probably most influential and unique photographer in the USA:
Robert Frank!
11.30 starts DON´T BLINK, a 2015 documentary movie about and with ROBERT FRANK. Filmmaker and friend Laura Israel followed the now 93 year old/young Robert Frank and talked with him about his rollercoaster life and his energetic photo and movie works.
That last weekend will be a good chance to see the ME:WE exhibition with a fresh eye or once again or a third time. And the full crew of Fotodoks will be around for questions, critiques or credit.

Thanks for sharing and caring
love and respect
Fotodoks team

<p>Jordan Prince, photo by ?</p>

Jordan Prince, photo by ?

<p>Open open open, photo© lene harbo</p>

Open open open, photo© lene harbo

<p>Andreas Neumeister, Photo© Hias Schaschko/Rotwandbilder</p>

Andreas Neumeister, Photo© Hias Schaschko/Rotwandbilder