Fotodoks Festival Day3 / 14.10.2017

10/14/17 / 15.00h – late

Preparing for a long saturday night fever means dressing up nicely in topics and content. Hashtag we look good.
VIP–very impressive photographers are on the guest list ready to hassle with the bouncers of Club Europe.
And at night containers unite the world with a twist.
in detail:

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“The instagram Book”
Book presentation by Thomas Dworzak
Thomas Dworzak, president of the Magnum agency, is not only present in the Fotodoks exhibition with his work Pokémon Go, but also brings us his rare Instagram Books.

“Playing Texts and Reading Music”
A live Hörspiel by Franz Dobler
Franz Dobler on the Fotodoks mic,
playing texts and reading music,
and ignoring borders with a smile.

“Deafening Sound & Love”
Annie Flanagan’s exhibited project is part of a larger body of work called “Deafening Sound” and focuses on the correlation between domestic violence and post-traumatic stress disorder. Together with curator Konstantin Lannert she will share and chew on serious documentary topics.

“Interior states”
A lecture by the photographer Irina Rozovsky
“To relate to another person, just for a second—
that’s the only thing I’m really interested in,” she says.
“Every photo I make that’s not of a person has something
in the frame that’s standing in for a person.”

“We ourselves call each others newcomers”
Panel discussion
Eva Leitolf, Michael Danner & Thomas Dworzak
in a talk with Franz Dobler

“An Open Circle”
Performance/Reading by Tim Davis

“Stop the Pounding Heart”
Screening of Roberto Minervini
Doks.fest meets Fotodoks:
Doks.Fest presents a movie of their choice into the festival
Like all the girls of the strictly believing Texas community,
Sara is to fulfill the traditional role of housewife and mother.
Little by little Sara begins to fight…

Lothringer13 and the exhibition ME:WE is
open until 24h as for “Lange Nacht der Museen”
& Fotodoks shift direction and head into party mode:
Saturday night Bash at Container Collective
Atelierstrasse Ecke Friedenstrasse.
We are delighted to be partying with Party-Keller and DJ colleagues Sepalot (Ex-Blumentopf),
Prügelprinz Ernst August & Carolin von Monaco – in the Container Collective container village in the new factory quarter at Ostbahnhof.

<p>Franz Dobler </p>

Franz Dobler

<p>Eva Leitolf</p>

Eva Leitolf