Handshake training with Mark Henning

02/03/18 / 19h / 7pm

One time chance!
Handshake training!

The designer Mark Henning helps and will investigate the different meanings of this everyday gesture together with audience members. The reason for the investigation in 2017 was an ad campaign by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. He defined the handshake as an indication of Western European behavior. “If you reject our country fundamentally, I’d rather see you go. Act normal or leave.” Rutte later tries to clarify that he does not want to address a specific ethnic group, but generally wants to pay attention to behavior. But what is “normal”? The designer investigates this question. The handshake training station is in the current exhibition in the Lothringer13 Halle and will be put into operation by Mark Henning on Saturday.

Afterwards free hugs and cheap beer might be available.

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