Notes #2: MASHROOMS support: IPPIO PAYO

04/24/17 / 19.30h / 7.30pm

Among the classic musical aspects of North American postrock mold, MASHROOMS make use of sound patterns and rhythms typical of the classical, Balkan and Celtic music which test the stylistic and musical experience of the individual members of the ensemble. The result is an intense bond between rhythmsection and harmony parts that, as in big bands, can offset each other. Although based in Berlin, the quintet coming from Siracuse, Sicily does not want to forget his homeland which is always a source of inspiration and has made the group become a central reality for the independent music scene in Sicily as well as in Italy.

IPPIO PAYO is the Alter Ego of Josip Pavlov – composer and musician based in München. Influential member of diverse Bands – Majmoon, Das Weiße Pferd, The Grexits, Zwinkelman.
IPPIO PAYO: „All Depends On Nature“ is Josip´s first solo release.

Instrumentale compositions for strings and guitars grow into polyrhytmic structures. Hypnotic and narrativ is their continuum – creating new timelines and scopes.

<p>Men in backyards, pt 2: Mashrooms</p>

Men in backyards, pt 2: Mashrooms

<p>Man in backyards, pt 3: Ippio Payo</p>

Man in backyards, pt 3: Ippio Payo