Finissage Fotodoks

11/25/17 / 4pm

Last weekend into the Fotodoks ME:WE festival and exhibition means opening up the bobbles and once again cheering to Contemporary Documentary Photography and in particular the wonderful photography that is hanging in the Lothringer13 Halle.
In the program you will find royal tunes, layered performance, hot and spicy food for the cool pack, records…

Chanting circle mit Kama Aina (JP)

11/16/17 / 16.00h / 4 pm

Our guest from Japan in a special event:
拓次青柳 / Takuji Aoyagi aka Kama Aina (JP)
arranges a public Chanting Circle
Everybody is welcome, so join and bring your children, your grandfather, your cat or any cat, your neighbour or bring your colleague out of the daily routine
We have never…

FESTLAND – live at the Lothringer 13 Halle


FESTLAND’s music is based upon beats and sounds used in DJ culture, but played live with string bass, violin, glockenspiel and percussion. The german lyrics are sung in three part harmonies. – Let’s call it Krauthouse. Or Super-Heavy-Minimalism.

Do not miss, Festland is a pearl!


10/24/17 / 19h/ 7pm


Do institutions change shape depending on the people within them? This question has strong political implications, as we are currently experiencing in the US, but it is seen across the spectrum that the attitudes of people lend their institutions a political orientation.
The work of Forensic…

Fotodoks Festival Day3 / 14.10.2017

10/14/17 / 15.00h – late

Preparing for a long saturday night fever means dressing up nicely in topics and content. Hashtag we look good.
VIP–very impressive photographers are on the guest list ready to hassle with the bouncers of Club Europe.
And at night containers unite the world with a twist.
in detail:


Finissage with Mark Steinmetz

10/08/17 / 17.00h

MARK STEINMETZ just landed
Join him and us for a finissage into the “united states 1” at Lothringer13 Halle

For you who are curious to hear the photographer on his work & also for you that missed out on getting a chance to join the Workshop (sold out within days), here’s your chance to…

Vernissage Mark Steinmetz / united states 1

09/06/17 / 19h \ 7pm

6. September 2017, 19 h

With a welcoming speech by Diana Ebster, Department of Culture,LHST München
Jörg Koopmann (Kurator/ Lothringer13) und Giulia Zorzi ( Micamera- Mailand)

07. September – 08. Oktober 2017

German premiere:
On 14. und 15. October, Mark Steinmetz offers a special Workshop in München!

Cigadetta Samba Noise – Soundperformance by Carlos Vasconcelos

08/20/17 / 18h / 6pm

In the last hours of “Frucht&Faulheit, curator Konstantin Lannert and Lothringer13 Halle will present the sound performance “Cigadetta Samba Noise“ by the artist Carlos Vasconcelos, who adds yet another layer to the exhibition where all his peticular wonderful installation pieces, made in situ in the Halle, are still on show.

Carlos Vasconcelos will surprise with…

Devouring. Introduction to Brazilian hunger

07/08/17 / 6pm

Oliver Precht, co-editor of the book series “Neue Subjektile,” in which his German translation of “Cannibal Manifesto” appears this year, has organized, along with the Brazilian poets Adelaide Ivánova and Ricardo Domeneck, an evening of performances. There will be readings from the book “Devouring. Introduction to Brazilian hunger” accompanying the exhibition which was published by…

Performance lecture 2: Olof Olsson – Driving the Blues Away

06/20/17 / 19h / 7pm

Performance lecture part 2:
Olof Olsson: Driving the Blues Away –
an info comedy, organised by Simon Starling
(cx centre for interdisciplinary studies) in cooperation with Lothringer13 Halle.

As a part of a project being developed by a group of students from the Munich Academy of Fine Arts in collaboration with the…