01/16/18 / 19h / 7pm

Der Komfort-Kuppel-Komplex
Lothringer13 Halle
17.01. – 17.03.2018

curated by Swantje Grundler and Thomas Mayfried

Slavoj Žižek conceives the image of a «dome», the interior of which is operated by the winners of globalisation. He thereby follows Peter Sloterdijk’s idea of the «World Interior of Capital». We immediately envision Buckminster Fuller’s «Dome over Manhattan» (ca. 1960). But we have to imagine this structure immensely expanded, invisibly spanning the whole Western world. We dare to make a little attempt to describe the complex of the dome: what are our historical achievements and privileges that had been struggled for? Who are we? This exhibition consciously associates and presents vastly different facets of our glass dome existence by displaying historic artefacts and artworks from the fields of art, film, and design.

short welcoming speech by Dr Florian Roth, councilor by proxy of the lord major, City of Munich

<p>Wiener Handsemmel; Foto: T.Mayfried</p>

Wiener Handsemmel; Foto: T.Mayfried