23.04.17 / 19 h / 7 pm

Sonntag abend: erster Live-Event im Rahmen der Ausstellung YOU ARE IN MY WAVE in der Halle im April und Mai.

Ein Bass / Gitarre / Drums Dreieck, inmitten der Ausstellung ausgebreitet. Keine Bühne, keine Stühle, Keine Tickets. Nur Musik, anschließend ein Gespräch mit den Musikern.

Monkey Plot have been described as having revitalized Norwegian improvisational music and have since 2009 released two LPs as an acoustic improvising trio, a tape cassette together with Swedish poet and electronic musician Pär Thörn, and a CD together with the Norwegian free jazz saxophonist Frode Gjerstad. In the following years the band toured extensively in Europe, Japan and South American and gradually started carving out the material for the album «Here I Sit, Knowing All of This», that was released August 2016 on the label Hubromusic. It marked the transition to an amplified sound that by critics has been related to bands like Fugazi and Gastr Del Sol. Still continuing to explore and expand, Monkey Plot brings along essential elements from their years of acoustic improvisation. Their music still evokes an impression of intimacy, always modestly catchy and uncomplicated.

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<p>Männer im Hinterhof, Teil1: MONKEY PLOT</p>

Männer im Hinterhof, Teil1: MONKEY PLOT