reading group

The INCOMPLETE READING GROUP invites everyone to engage in open exchange to explore different text(ual form)s and thereby grow beyond the limitation of solitary reading as well as arouse a multi-perspective approach to the writings.

reading session
19.1. – 6.3.2022

With the help of different texts, this reading group aims to create an exchange, a common and multi-perspective expansion of the discourse on forms of violence.

18.2. – 6.3.2022

Students from the class of Olaf Nicolai (AdBK Munich) together with guests create a temporary structure for political and aesthetic confrontation with forms of violence.

Der READER NR 2 erscheint als Teil des Projekts dissolving matter & value. In der Idee des begleitenden Publizierens werden sukzessiv Texte zugänglich gemacht, die mit den künstlerischen Arbeiten in der Ausstellung korrelieren und …