Vis-à-Vis \ FOTODOKS 2019

October 16 – November 24, 2019

Carolina Arantes (F/BR) / Mathieu Asselin (F) / Daniel Chatard (D) / Lisa Domin (D) / David Fathi (F) / Samuel Gratacap (F) / Sonja Hamad (D) / Stephanie Kiwitt (D) / Markus Krottendorfer (A) / Nicola Lo Calzo (F/IT) / Paula Markert (D) / Laurence Rasti (CH) / Gilles Raynaldy (F) / Rebecca Sampson (D) / Yana Wernicke (D)

Guestcountry: France

The exhibition Vis-à-vis will open on 16. Oktober 2019 at 6 p.m.

Festival-days: 16. – 20. Oktober

Exhibition on show until  24. November

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not live single-issue lives” wrote the American author and activist…


November 13 – December 08, 2019

Karsten Neumann

Karsten Neumann has been working for 17 years on the utopia of Bethang, the merged urban space of NürnBEerg, FürTH, ErlANGen. As Bernhart Schwenk writes in the catalog “totalspinner”, this is a “fictitious and yet everyday political territory.” Since this summer, there is an officially marked trail around Bethang, 130km around the `city of culture…

The book speakers’ corner 2 & auction & Fotodoks curators tour & final piece of cake

11/24/19 / 2:00 pm

2 pm: The book speakers’ corner 2 and art-book-auction

4.30 pm: Curators tour with the team FOTODOKS

followed by coffee and cake in the Lothringer13 Rroom


We cheer and finish Photodoks 2019 with special events for the finissage:

As in the previous year, we present a wide selection of book titles from the shelves…