video & street food series
22.11. – 19.2.2023

“Did you eat today?” is interested in food culture(s) and food as an (im)material cultural asset, food politics, food production and -distribution, agriculture as well as subjective and cultural history(s), traces and memories that are connected to dishes, drinks and eating as well as preparation rituals.

video & street food series
22.11. – 4.12.2022

1st Issue of "Did you eat today? – A video and street food corner series" with works by Moza Almatrooshi, Michael & Chiyan Ho, Inês Neto dos Santos & Bella Riza as well as an activation of the street food corner by Anna Pasco Bolta with the support by Loqma Churros, Munich.

Electric bodies shooting through space by Janna Jirkova is the third exhibition in GiG Munich's Re-collection series at Lothringer 13 Studio.

The property at Lothringerstraße 13 was acquired in 1936 by the Jewish furnishing and antique store L. Bernheimer KG as a storage location. Luciano Pecoits uses historical archival material to present his artistic research according to the current state of affairs.

Zoe Séance is an interactive performance project developed by transmedia artists Panja Göbel and Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir especially for the Lothringer 13 Halle.