Nigel Shafran, Nigel Shafran, Nigel Shafran

03/12/19 / 20:00h

Artist Talk / Q&A

On the occasion of his series “Supermarket checkouts” in the Jahresausgaben show, we welcome Nigel Shafran for the first time in Munich in the Lothringer13 to a lecture and discussion.

Shafran (’64) is one of the UK’s most notable contemporary photographers.

“Nigel Shafran’s observation-led photography began to influence the scope of…


03/08/19 / 19:00h / 7:00pm

For the launch of Stefan Burgers latest book, the Rroom changes into a Bar, with five roman bouquets and selected Scarlatti-Sonata

The photographic work Stefan Burger made for his 2017 exhibition at the Kunsthalle Bern stems from his ongoing interest in the allure of botanical objects. An astonishing depth is evident…

Launch, Readings and some Tea: AWC ISSUE 5

03/03/19 / 19:00h / 7:00pm

Mit Alina Kolar, Paul Sochacki & María Inés Plaza Lazo.
SUNDAY im Rroom der Lothringer13_HalleIm Rahmen der Ausstellung Jahresausgaben \ Ne travaillez assez, ne comptez jamais
Bis 17. März 2019

Politische, umweltbedingte, technokratische und geschlechtsfeudale Formen von Verschmutzung stehen im Mittelpunkt der fünften Ausgabe von „Arts of the…

Money Money Money. Lets get into details. Lecture by Sebastian Cremers (dt)


Sebastian Cremers of the former Designer  Trio Prill Viceli Cremers comes from Zürich to München to talk about 11 years of process into the projekts “MONEY”.

Lecture in German language, about 40 minutes.

The publisher, Edition Patrick Frey describes Money as follows:

This is a book about the pictures on banknotes: pictures of political subject-matter, historical…

Jahresausgaben \ Ne travaillez assez, ne comptez jamais

01/13/19 / 17h / 5pm

Vernissage und Konzert

18 Uhr Musik: Carl Oesterhelt & Ensemble für synkretische Musik


12/16/18 / 16:00 –18:00h

The book speakers’ corner

We conclude the Lothringer13 year with a special event in the hall: In the Halle we present a lush selection of book titles from the shelves of our Rroom bookshop to choose from. And every visitor can choose up to two books intentionally or spontaneously and take them almost unconditionally for free !!

outposts of resistance

11/24/18 / 7:30pm

outposts of resistance is a documentary research/ video/ performance work examining reasons and impacts of the 2003 war on Iraq.

In a mix of video installation and performance based on documentary video recordings and interviews, outposts of resistance surveys the peace action “Human Shields” that attempted to stop the 2003 bombing of Iraq. The piece…

Rap, migration and resistance by Esra Özmen – EsRAP

11/11/18 / 19:00h

The last evening of no stop non stop brings fresh thoughts and rhymes from Vienna:

Finissage: Hip-Hop lecture in German language! YO.

Esra Özmen aka EsRAP (*1990 in Wien) ist Rapperin, bildende Künstlerin, Performerin, Songwriterin, Kulturarbeiterin und gibt Kurse in Rap/Gesang/Reimen/Texten. Sie absolvierte ihr Studium an der Akademie der bildenden Künste in Wien in der postkonzeptuellen…

Artist-talk and choir performance

11/10/18 / 6:00pm

18 h:
Artist-talk in English
The artists Nika Autor and Samira Kentrić discuss with the theoretician and activist Cihad Hammy and curator Katja Kobolt about experiences of migration, war, flight and political participation in art.

20 h:
Choir performance
Hor 29 Novembar
The Hor 29 Novembar from Vienna exists since…