12/16/18 / 16:00 –18:00h

The book speakers’ corner

We conclude the Lothringer13 year with a special event in the hall: In the Halle we present a lush selection of book titles from the shelves of our Rroom bookshop to choose from. And every visitor can choose up to two books intentionally or spontaneously and take them almost unconditionally for free !!

The condition is also an invitation:

To use the Book of choice and use the microphone of the book-speakers’-corner and tell the audience something about this book or its topic for six minutes (6 + x).

Then the book will be yours, keep it as a lecture fee!

Whether you are reading the imprint, talking about the feel, raving about the design, talking about your own interests or singing anecdotes about the topic – everything could be interesting and is welcome.

The curator Jörg Koopmann and other attending book lovers, or the audience, handle the moderation and any interim questions.

Visitors who want to become a book owner without a public conversation can still look forward to many single copies and reduced specimen copies. Anyone is also welcome to buy more than two titles … Cash only!

The author and filmmaker Jovana Abraham and the musician Federico Sanches are already on the book speaker`s list. If you want to reserve the microphone in advance, please send an email to joerg@lothringer13.com

What many still don’t know: Some of our beautiful art books can be found exclusively in Munich. Apart from Artistbooks of self-publishing and small-scale publishing, there are also long-out-of-print rarities in the Lothringer13 Rroom range. There is a lot to discover and a lot to talk about.

The proceeds of book sales on 16 December go 1: 1 in the purchase of new books for the store bookshelves 2019. That Sunday we offer packing of purchased books, yes, there are birthdays coming up soon.