Artist-talk and choir performance

11/10/18 / 6:00pm

18 h:
Artist-talk in English
The artists Nika Autor and Samira Kentrić discuss with the theoretician and activist Cihad Hammy and curator Katja Kobolt about experiences of migration, war, flight and political participation in art.

20 h:
Choir performance
Hor 29 Novembar
The Hor 29 Novembar from Vienna exists since 2009 and sings in over ten languages. Special vocal talent is not a prerequisite, but the desire to sing revolutionary, resistance, worker and partisan songs as well as to participate in various social and political projects and initiatives is important. You can hear the chorus everywhere: on the street, in the subway, in pubs, galleries, town halls, clubs, in the theater, at the regular festival of alternative choirs and on demos.