outposts of resistance

11/24/18 / 7:30pm

outposts of resistance is a documentary research/ video/ performance work examining reasons and impacts of the 2003 war on Iraq.

In a mix of video installation and performance based on documentary video recordings and interviews, outposts of resistance surveys the peace action “Human Shields” that attempted to stop the 2003 bombing of Iraq. The piece examines possibilities of political involvement on a social level as well as the meaning and consequences of Western interference. Prior to the invasion in early 2003, peace activists departed from London towards Baghdad in three double-decker busses. Their aim was to gather as many people as possible in Iraq who would act as human shields for the local population. They assumed that the US-led troops would refrain from bombing the country as pictures of Western war victims would have caused an outcry at home. The activists strongly criticized this disparate valuation of life while simultaneously utilizing it in a strategic way.

Considered from some temporary distance, the initiative seems highly contradictory. In an almost exemplary manner, limits of active, political interference are rendered visible. By using metaphorical imagery, i.e. recruiting the archaic or religious notion of the victim as a means for political combat, the initiative becomes emblematic.

Sebastian Hirn / Lisa Hörstmann / Constanze Knapp / Zoro Babel / Natalia Fernandes / Geir Angell Øygarden / Ina Tempel / vox nova

In English.


Further performance: 16.12.2018 Molino Rojo, La Tabacalera, Madrid.

Sebastian Hirn and Lisa Hörstmann were artists in residence at Santa Fe Art Institute (NM) and Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (NE) from March to August 2018. During their residency, they conducted interviews with Iraq veterans which will feed into the continuation of outposts of resistance to be shown in 2019.

Funded by the City of Munich’s Department for Arts and Culture, the Erwin und Gisela von Steiner-Stiftung and Verein Ausstellungsshaus für Christliche Kunst.

<p>Fotos: Alexander Hirl/ Sebastian Hirn</p>

Fotos: Alexander Hirl/ Sebastian Hirn