wirklich sehen – a performative interaction, feat. katze und krieg

11/02/18 / 19h / 7pm

How do we encounter and perceive each other? What informs our contact? The two Cologne-based performers of  katze und krieg dedicate their production to the proverbial “blind confidence”. They invite their audience to be led away from their expectations, from their normal ways of perception. New possibilities of interaction arise: the streets become spaces of encounter, passers-by become protagonists.

The performance is shown in the mark of IETM Festival in Munich at Lothringer 13 / Room

1 November and

2 November, 2018 –

19:00 – 21:00

Performance: katharinajej, Julia Dick
Music: springstills (Guida Miranda, Mia Meulendijks, Daniel Door)

Language: English

Genre: Participatory performance

Price: € 12,60