otc (Rahel grote Lambers, Alexander Klaubert, Francis Kussatz, Julia Lübbecke), ARBEITSLABOR (Susanne Beck, Karen Modrei, Julia Richter), Verena Hägler & Nicola Reiter, Klasse für Quereinstieg/Artists Pedagogy der AdBK München (Sofia Gold, Nikolai Gümbel, Judith Hagen, Sophie Kindermann, Luisa Koch, Angelika …

14.6. – 11.8.2024

In a long-term research and exchange process, the artists' collective otc - Observant Thick Conversation, explores solidarity-based forms of sustainable collaboration. 

21.6. – 21.7.2024

The ARBEITSLABOR is an open programme at Lothringer 13 Lokal conceived by art mediator Julia Richter together with artists Susanne Beck and Karen Modrei. Over five weekends, the concept of LABOUR will be examined, taken apart, turned upside down and reassembled in workshops, discussions and work sessions.

28.6. – 11.8.2024

Taktungen shows the initial results of two research projects in the context of agricultural and industrial labour. The rhythmisation of life and everyday life plays an essential role in these working environments, as does the landscape as an environment, but also as an …


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