Vernissage am 30. Juni / 18 Uhr

Ghosts and spirits will once again visit the Nest, when the Danish artist Fie Norsker presents a wide range of her works. Make sure you enter the portal, one of the double openings of Fie’s, into the twin exhibition in the Halle. Drift upstairs to a mythical side of life that makes you enter gateways, Vulva’s, visit the inner space, confronts you with the more erect side of man and dares to suck you from the far fetch female powers down to earth again into the world of cartoon-like figures that speaks their fantastic language of both the universal dark and (northern) lighter sense of humor. Meet ‘Kartoffel’, Træmand (Hölzerner Mensch), ’Bobble head’ and other creatures when you visit a Fie Norsker space, Solo Double (Rivers End).


Curated by Lene Harbo Pedersen