Frucht & Faulheit

Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca
Adriano Costa
Pedro Wirz
Carlos Vasconcelos
Carla Chaim

Kuratiert von Konstantin Lannert

<p>Adriano Costa PoorFlag, 2016, embroidery on bath towel</p>

Adriano Costa PoorFlag, 2016, embroidery on bath towel

The exhibition “Frucht & Faulheit” presents works by young Brazilian visual artist and flips through the pages in texts by Mario and Oswald de Andrade of the Brazilian modernism. In a context of a (post-) colonial Brazil, “Frucht & Faulheit” (fruit & idleness) explores the shaping and finding of identity, narrations of a magical nature, the myths of progress and the shady business of capitalism.

Opening 21.06.2017
Welcoming speech by Mark Gegenfurtner (Kulturreferat München)