23.6. – 26.6.2022

SOLASTALGIA turns into a game – a simulation in which three avatars act out the farewell to the world as we humans know it – and imagine a world after human beings. Premiere Thu, 23 June, 6 pm. Free admission. No reservation necessary.
Additional shows on June 24, 25, 26 and June 29, 30, July 1, 2, 3.

9.6. – 10.7.2022

Exhibition N U R T U R Æ L with works by Kanako Azuma, Sarah Doerfel, Nile Koetting and THE AGENCY. 
Premiere of the performance SOLASTALGIA with Challenge Gumbodete, Liina Magnea and Kate Strong on June 23, 6pm.

reading group

reading Maggie Nelson "On Freedom", 2021
The INCOMPLETE READING GROUP invites everyone to engage in open exchange to explore different text(ual form)s and thereby grow beyond the limitation of solitary reading as well as arouse a multi-perspective approach to the …

29.6. – 29.6.2022

Bookrelease "Gülbin Ünlü" (Hammann von Mier Verlag) with contributions by Matthieu Chladek, Gürsoy Doğtaş, Stephanie Weber, Katja Kobolt, Maison Zeki Müren, Bernhart Schwenk, Daniela Stöppel. As well as: the first appearance of TAF (Turkish Armenian Friendship) with 2 video releases!

8.7. – 9.7.2022

With participants from theater, dance, science, and art, we ask about today´s relevance and expectations towards performative practices within exhibition contexts. Together we want to discuss and reflect: Which approaches of intervention, presence, collectivity and participation can occur and become effective – …

discursive series

The writer and curator Ida Soulard and the artist Abinadi Meza present their publication "Manual for a Future Desert" (Mousse, 2021).