Aktuelle Besucher*inneninformation

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So that you and our employees stay healthy, we ask you to observe the following regulations when visiting the exhibition:

Visiting the exhibitions is possible without prior booking of an appointment. Before visiting the exhibitions and offers, you will be asked to provide your contact details on site. The 3G rule applies (vaccinated, recovered, tested [no self-test]). Please show valid proof at reception. We apologize for the resulting waiting times at the entrance.

Wearing a medical mask is compulsory for visitors from the age of 6 to visit the exhibition. The mouth and nose cover may be removed as long as it is necessary for identification purposes or for communication with people with hearing impairments.

We ask you to keep the required distance of about 1.5 meters to other visitors as well as to our employees. Distance markings in the waiting areas and in the art room will help you with this.

Please note the general distance and hygiene rules. All regulations are indicated in the waiting areas and in the art room on posters in German and English.

For your protection and for the protection of our employees, we have increased hygiene and cleaning measures.

Disinfectants are available for visitors at the entrance.