Lothringer 13 Halle forms part of the city’s municipal art spaces under the auspices of Munich’s department for culture. As a communal institution for contemporary art, Lothringer 13 has been housed at a former industrial site on Lothringer Straße 13 in Munich-Haidhausen since 1980. Within the 700 qm space, a changing roaster of curators organize transregionally acclaimed exhibitions and projects which include local as well as international artists.

Lothringer 13 Halle has been curated by Lisa Britzger in collaboration with Luzi Gross (2020–2022) and with Christina Maria Ruederer since winter 2021. Their program focusses on collaborative, context-specific and transdisciplinary positions. Fostering enduring alliances and new temporary spaces, the site becomes activated for different uses. Artistic practice, its mediation and reflection become temporally and spatially intensified and serve as impulses for a joint negotiation of the contemporary.

Archives 2010–2019

Archive 2014–2019 by Jörg Koopmann
Archive 2010–2014 by Felix Ruhöfer
Archive 2006–2010 by Uli Aigner


The Lothringer 13 Lokal in the front building hosts a changing programme of events accompanying exhibitions, regular formats and guest projects.
FLORIDA Lothringer 13, the second municipal art space at the site, shares the courtyard with Lothringer 13 Halle.