Helin Alas

Helin Alas (b. 1987) studied art education at the Acade- my of Fine Arts in Munich. In 2017 she took part in the mentoring program Berlin Program for Artists and spent the following year in New York City on a postgraduate scholarship from the DAAD. She has lived and worked in Munich since 2019, where she had solo exhibitions at Loggia in 2020 and at Prince of Wales in 2017. Her work has been part of various group exhibitions, including at Mauer Köln, Galerie Christine Mayer Munich, Kevin Space Vienna, Between Bridges Berlin or the Hidden Bar at Art Basel.

Opening Outfit (October 7, 2021)
Helin Alas‘ artistic practice reflects the context in which it emerges and becomes public. Her photographies ‘Opening Outfit’ show the artist herself in the outfit, that she will wearduring the opening of the exhibition ‘dissolving matter & value’ on October 7th, 2021. For this outfit, Helin Alas invests the production budget, that she is provided by Lothringer 13 Halle for her contribution to the exhibition. Through this interpretation of branded clothing as ‘artistic material,’ she addresses the importance of an artist‘s persona and its strategic performance in the attention economy of the art business with its conditioned rituals and expectations, in which the artistic work is read as situated in.

‘Opening Outfit (October 7, 2021)’ is supported by the program NEUSTART KULTUR.