Judith Neunhäuserer

Judith Neunhäuserer (b. 1990) studied sculp- ture, religious studies, and cultural studies in Munich and Istanbul. Expeditions took her to Neumayer Station III in Antarctica, to the Spanish underground laboratory LSC Canfranc and across the Atlantic on the CMA CGM Puget. In 2018, she published the expedition report ‘Albedo’ with the Gedok‘s Debut Prize at Ham- mann von Mier Verlag Munich. In 2021, the second monograph ‘Tekeli-li’ was published by Textem Verlag Hamburg.

Hommage to Tethys, 2020; The Primordial Atom, investigated by Clairvoyant Magnification, 2021; Ice Core Composition, 2021
Judith Neunhäuserer‘s objects and drawings occupy an indeterminate status bet- ween geological find, fake, artefact, research, and documentation. In her artistic practice, she works on attempts of demarcation as well as aesthetic and epistemic similarities between (natural) science and religion. This involves, for example, myths and dreams at the basis
of discoveries, the ritualisation of research processes and different technical languages and symbol systems for formulating models of and for the world. What are the beliefs of scientists, what distinguishes their culture? In the larger social framework, the question expands to: which actors produce which forms of knowledge, how do they do so (aesthetically) and where does their authority come from? What images of the world do people have, how do they conceive them and by what sensual means do they express them?