Nina Radelfahr

Nina Radelfahr (b. 1978 in Hamburg) is a visual artist and teaches art. She studied art and anatomy in Munich, Copenhagen, and Carrara. Her current work revolves around insecurity and permanence, which become apparent in changes. She lives and works in Munich and Denmark.

Fucus vesiculosus in absentia (Serosa–Serie 2), 2021
Nina Radelfahr‘s practice often involves objects and organic material taken from the sea. Her drawings depict algae – the vegetation beneath the water‘s surfa- ce, source of important nutrients with an enormous ca- pacity to store CO2. Her visual worlds associate invisible and mythologically uncanny realms, such as the female uterus and the deep sea. Cyclical repetition, (mutual) dependence and interconnectedness as a basic ecological principle that defines all terrestrial processes within living organisms as well as inorganic structures become present - also in their violent dynamics that contradict an analogy of naturalness and harmony. What understan- ding of the relationship to ourselves and to the world do we need in order to think self-determination and realisa- tion in a sustainable way?