Rabe perplexum

Rabe perplexum (1956-1996) was born as Manuela Margarete Hahn in Munich. In 1982 they discarded their name and female gender and lived as Rabe perplexum. Rabe's work spans a variety of media: performance, text, painting, video, and multimedia installations. In paintings and drawings, Rabe combined neo-expressionism, stylistic elements from punk culture with Bavarian folklore. Since 1985, Rabe has also worked on multimedia theater productions. In 1986, Rabe received the first-ever Förderpreis Neue Ausdrucksformen (New Forms of Expression Award) in the field of visual arts from the city of Munich. Since 1987 Rabe worked with computer animation and graphics on the Amiga 1000 system and the A - 2000 A. Rabe was known for an extroverted appearance and unusual style in the art scene and beyond. In the performative works Rabe often involved their own mother, lovers, family, friends and casual acquaintances and performed with them in art institutions, theaters, music clubs, as well as in public spaces. Rabe died in 1996.