Daniel Temkin

Daniel Temkin works with photography, programming languages, net art, and paintings examining the clash between systemic logic and human irrationality. His award winning blog esoteric.codes documents the history of programming languages as an art form.
Temkin has written about code and programming languages as an art form for publications like Hyperallergic, academic journals including Leonardo and World Picture Journal as well as his blog esoteric.codes. Esoteric.codes brings together work by artists, writers, and hacker/ hobbyists who challenge conventional notions of computing, connecting works that resonate conceptually but originate from very different disciplines and communities. He received his MFA from the International Center of Photography / Bard College. Group exhibitions include Open Codes at ZKM, TRANSFER Download at Thoma Foundation, xCoAx at Museu do Chiado, Dumbo Arts Fest, Future Isms at Glassbox Gallery.