Kay Yoon

Kay Yoon lives and works in Munich and Seoul

Kay Yoon’s artistic practice explores the connections between the human body, rituals, and their biological processes in relation to spatial contexts. Her artworks delve deeply into this intricate interplay, seeking to better understand the contemporary world. Yoon’s awareness of the tension between nature and culture informs her restrained, minimalist aesthetic. Her artistic expression is rooted in physical and sensory experiences, which she accesses through performances and bodily engagements with her sculptures. The complexity of identity in the post-modern era and the significance of physical encounters is thus skillfully abstracted by the artist’s playful use of ceremonial function and cryptic gestures.

In 2023, Kay Yoon completed her study at the Sculptural Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Munich under Prof. Alexandra Bircken. Previously, she attended courses of media art at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg under Prof. Michael Sailstorfer and Prof. Ottmar Hörl. Her works have been exhibited internationally, including at the CICA Museum in Kimpo (2017), PrimaKunst Kiel (2018), The Art Foundation Athens (2019), AO Kunsthalle Leipzig (2020), Kunstpavillon München (2021), Trauma Bar und Kino Berlin (2022) and in her solo exhibitions at 4D Projektraum BBk Leipzig (2021), Sic! Elephanthouse Lucerne (2021) and SOMA 300 Berlin (2022).

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