Aiko Okamoto
K2020 collaborator

Mo exists since 2006, she is a VJ, have been playing at festivals like LPM (Live Performers Meeting), nachtdigital or Festspiele der Bayrischen Staatsoper and a resident at Harry Klein Club in Munich. Mo Chan was born as a stuffed toy cow in 2001, was later identified as an alter ego of Aiko as DJ, playing her favourite music while she is dancing and laughing a lot. Then there is DJ Kohlrabi, who was eating just leaves of Kohlrabi [which was special offer in REWE for several weeks and people left leaves, so that she could take them for free], as she was working at documenta 14 as producer of uneducation department and paying her debts of health insurance. These three personalities are just some parts of a person, Aiko Okamoto. Aiko understands herself as medium: Aiko wants to bring people together through her activities and loves process more than results. So she makes space for conversation and togetherness like her first exhibition series bubu nation or TOKONOMA, a collective and a project space in Kassel, where she is now a grandma member. She is now hosting a radio show "Notiz für die Welt danach (Notes for the world afterwards)" on Sphere Radio, reading texts and talking with authors, imagining that there is a small circle of people listening to it. She is also singing in a choir, Cantus Domus. Cantus Domus members are collecting sounds at home and outside, documenting their life in the time of isolation. At the first activation phase, DJ Kohlrabi will put these sounds together, while Aiko will invite visitors to join with their own recordings on site. At the second activation, Mo chan keep recording this house, while Aiko will invite you to figure out "how do we want to work together?", using the questionnaire by Karolina Dreit, Janine Eisenächer, Aiko Okamoto and Felicita Reuschling.