Angela Stiegler

Angela Stiegler is a freelance visual artist. Stiegler's work has an inherently collaborative quality and is intermedial: she interweaves elements of performance, video, installation, sound, text, 3D animation and research techniques to negotiate body politics. A particular focus in her practice is on artistic research and friendship as economy. She is a co-founder of the self-organised artists' initiative >K<, which has taken place once a year since 2013 as a hybrid place of exchange between different disciplines. Since 2020 she has been part of the opera collective >DIVA<. From 2007-2014 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. Exhibitions, residencies, teaching and awards include residency EOFA, Genève (2019); scholarship for media art HFF Munich (2017-2018), International Summer School for Affective Sciences ISSAS, Genève, teaching AdBK Munich (2015-2018), ASFA Athens (2017/2022), AdBK Nuremberg (2020), TUM Munich (2021). For her solo exhibition "I treat my friends as sculptures" at Galerie Françoise Heitsch, Munich (2020/21), the companion film "A portrait of an artist as an ageless friend" was made together with filmmaker and friend Yulia Lokshina (2021).