Feministisches Frauen*gesundheitszentrum Stuttgart
K2020 collaborator

The feminist women*s health center Stuttgart e.V. - short FF*GZ - is a non-profit association (Verein) which devotes itself to topics around feminism, the body, health and sexuality since 1986. During the second and third activation phases, the FF*GZ will be present at Lothringer13 with a changing group of representatives, addressing alternative relationship models, autonomous birthing, free menstruation, communication in relationships, family concepts and states of exhaustion as symptoms of our times. The FF*GZ will lead a conversation around these themes whilst aiming to get to know local feminist collectives. Sophie Schmidt and Angela Stiegler will, in exchange, build a tent structure with the FF*GZ, which can be used for different purposes in the exhibition space. The space is an open invitation to groups and collectives dealing with similar topics to find an intimate space for themselves here over the course of the exhibition. The conversations led by the FF*GZ in Munich are modeled on a regular event in Stuttgart, the Tender Tuesdays. Every Tuesday evening, women* are invited to these free and inclusive formats which aim to provide a forum for open exchange around health, politics, social and feminist topics: a space in which women* can meet, exchange, find support, learn and grow together.