Isabel Bredenbröker
K2020 core team

Isabel Bredenbröker works between academic knowledge production and art practice. After studying comparative literature at Free University Berlin, where she escaped the regular curriculum by focusing on creative writing and translation practice, she jumped ship and studied anthropology at UCL London. Having exchanged books as subjects of study for the world, she recently handed in her PhD with Goethe University Frankfurt which investigates a Ghanaian Ewe community’s relation to death and the role that materiality comes to play in it. Isabel recently made a collaborative short film on the conflicting role of the ethnographer, death and one’s personal involvement in postcolonial realities. For K2020, she is working on a video installation with Nike Arnold. The work aims to reflect on Görlitzer Park in Berlin as a place which oscillates between a commons, a temporary autonomous zone, and a line of conflict.