Jan Erbelding

Jan Erbelding was born in Freudenstadt, which can be translated to "Pleasure City" or „The City of Joy“. After becoming a trained Photographer he studied media arts and photography at the HfG in Karlsruhe. When refocusing his work from analogue photography to text and performance he came to study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich with Olaf Nicolai. Jan Erbelding is still living and working in munich as an artist writer and sculptor. Together with Leo Heinik and Maria Vmier he is running the offspace and publication series Ruine München. 

For K2020, Jan Erbelding together with Maria Vmier is designing and opening the small bar “Zur Einsamkeit” in the cellar. As part of the bar situation there will be a deck of 54 “post-corona counseling cards” available which are used to very gently set the starting points for the conversations being held. Also for K2020, he is exhibiting three new works from his series “Insufficient Objects” which means “unzulängliche Objekte” in german. These fully functional wall clocks try to explore the same nonverbal and bodily ways towards knowledge, theory and understanding as his texts do, but in a faster, more crafty and visual manner.