Jenifer Becker
K2020 collaborator

Jenifer Becker (*1988) is a writer and scholar of literature and cultural studies situated in Berlin, who also teaches Creative Writing at the University of Hildesheim. My approach mainly covers autofictional and diaristic writing, having a great interest in documenting my dreams. In general, literature and writing that bridges the space between radical biography and performative identity. Right now I am in the process of completing a novel dealing with unwanted pregnancy that will be published by Hanser Berlin. As a research associate at the University of Hildesheim in the Department for Creative Writing, my research focuses on postfeminist narratives and autobiographical writing. I am currently working on my PhD.

For K2020 I am working on a text about lovesickness, which is structured by objects (Lovebirds / Charged Objects, 2020). In the text I take up personal questions that revolve around sentimentality, disappointment and the culturally inscribed practices of falling in love. In order to focus less on the text as a product and more on the writing process, I organize casual tea meetings in the exhibition space during the first and last activation phase. Invited are all those who write themselves, are interested in writing, have had lovesickness, like green tea or simply want to listen.