Johanna Klingler
K2020 collaborator

Johanna Klingler is an artist, researcher and organiser living in Berlin. She is currently conducting a Ph.D. on the concept of Emotional-Infrastructural Labour at the Royal College of Art London. Her interests include ideology with a special focus on the production of subjectivity, paranoia, intersectional feminism, labour, Marxism and all kinds of collaboration/self-organisation. Portal is a format collaboratively organised by Johanna Klingler and Amir Saifullin, focussing on a cultural exchange between Russia and Germany. It started as an event (Portal – A Visual Research) hosted by Lothringer13_Florida Munich in 2018, in which they tried to challenge habits of perception in art by taking into consideration conditions of production and by inviting artists from institutional as well as self-organised educational backgrounds. This happened together with curator Ilya Samorukov and a range of young artists from Samara, Russia. Since then, they have developed different formats, such as bilingual publications and a domestic residency in order to elaborate on tools within the art sphere that are involved in developing emancipatory structures.They operate flexibly, considering their own circumstances. For K2020 Portal organised a dinner, during which they reflected on the interrelations  between the concepts of the host and the guest within their own practice as well as within K’s invitation. Their publication is part of the library and available to visitors.