Jonas von Ostrowski
K2020 collaborator

LOS ANGELES is a project and art space run by the artist Jonas von Ostrowski. Over the coming years, an inhabitable sculpture garden will be established at the 3000 m² site of the space on the edge of the village of Günsterode, near Kassel. It will grow and develop through the form of the artistic projects that will be conceived and built there.

LOS ANGELES is a place for artists, architects and theorists to meet, work and spend time. Stays at LOS ANGELES have the aim of producing works that are both specific to and bound to the location itself. The LOS ANGELES project revolves around ideas such as the relationship between everyday necessities and artistic questioning, the possibilities of a self-organized form of art, the potential of a rural environment in relation to an urban context and the utopian notion of construction. During K2020, Jonas was a guest at a Cashmere Radio show about being at home, houses and artistic practice.