Katharina Merten
K2020 collaborator

Katharina Merten aka Doll Face is a video and music producer living in Berlin. She has realized a dizzying array of projects and flavorful collaborations with a host of interdisciplinary artists. Defying traditional form or description, her work is experienced in a range of settings from the art and literature houses to the theater and club scene.

In phase two, Thea Reifler & Katharina Merten will host a Do It Yourself — Clitorian Reading Chair Workshop, following the German poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff and her early feminist-scientific research on the hidden power of the clitoris in the 19th-century. Droste-Hülshoff used the clitoris as a figure of thought and understood it to be central to the expression of »nature-bound« sensuality. Based on this concept, she developed body-related methods and tools for writing and reading poetic texts.