Marios Chatziprokopiou
K2020 collaborator

Emerging from a pillow, a sound invites the spectator to place his head on it, and to eventually lie on the bed. The sound- recording consists of several lullabies in different languages, including invented ones. This piece is inspired by Daniel Paul Schreber’s »Memoirs of my Nervous Illness« (1903), where he offers several accounts of his troubles with insomnia. Compelled to non-stop thinking, with his mind tortured by the incessant chattering of voices heard, Schreber narrates his attempts to find some moments of peace by playing the piano, or by reciting poems known by heart. The singing-pillow of this furniture installation aims at reducing the incessant voices that torture Dr. Schreber, to put him to sleep. At the same time, it intends to build a moment of emptiness and pause for the visitor. The pillow will be activated by a workshop in which a lullaby in a ctional grammar will be composed and recorded collectively.