Snorre Hansen
K2020 collaborator

Snorre Hansen is a dancer and choreographer who works with dance as a practice of transformation from a sensorial, performative and queer point of view. He is a part of the Copenhagen based dance collective Danseatelier. Kat Staub is a choreographer, dancer and singer. She creates her own works, works in a manifold of collaborations, teaches and is a part of the collective dance for plants. Peter Scherrebeck Hansen is a dance and video artist working the field of expanded choreography. He performs, teaches and creates own and collective work in various spaces, screens and beyond. For K2020, they will collaborate on the performative dance project Porous Nests. In a liquid space that transforms over time Snorre, Kat and Peter are striving to expand the notion of the stage and of performative staging through building nests that can host different performative actions. The emerging spaces come to serve as containers able to host performances that inaugurate the dance as a tool for practical magic and rituals of care and resistance. The performing bodies are seen as porous nests for dance themselves.