Ylena Katkova
K2020 collaborator

Yelena Katkova is an artist and based in Athens. She makes creatures that capture an illusion of life. They constantly try to look like something, get somewhere, rise up. 

House...home...when is one actually at home? When someone that you love is welcoming you! Obviously, you’ve all heard the phrase bird without wings. Well, I never understood it because without feathers it does not cease to be a bird. A complete bird can carry ecstasy pills from one city to another in a small backpack in the same color as its wings. Now let's imagine a bird without wings. It can walk, greet when it sees another bird, eat, certainly harder, but survive. Think now of a bird without head and feet but with wings…flying without seeing and knowing where it goes it will not survive for long because it will not be able to feed, fall in love and all of this - it will surely also break the only valuable thing left to it on it first flight when it inevitably crushes into a concrete wall: its unique feathered wings.