Yorgia Karidi
K2020 collaborator

Yorgia Karidi is a visual artist, musician and performer with a background in theater studies, Philosophy University of Patras, Freie Universitaet Berlin and New Media, Athens School of Fine Arts. Usually she refers to her work with the general term 'live sets'. They focus on vocals and are characterized by an original lively manner that stems from her inter-media art practice that includes painting, video, improvisation and verbal scores. She has curated live radio shows (Cannibal Radio, Random Access Radio, Theory of Plankton), has lent her voice to radio spots, experimental films, documentaries and feature films and has featured in theater productions both composing music & as a performer. Lately featuring as an opening Dj for Plissken Festival 2019 and hosting Boiler Room Athens. Using a variety of new media she composes complex and heavily edited narrations. Her presence is charged by the desire to understand the historical and cultural context of being a feminine-sounding voice in the world. Her collaborations cover a broad spectrum of artists, disciplines & a wide range of musical genres including her recent work with Jay Glass Dubs for 'Epitaph', with feats and reviews on Wire, Pitchfork, XL Recordings.