Reader No 5, 03-06/2023, INTRO & CONTENT





In the period around the birth of her daughter, Paula Hurtado Otero reflected on the compatibility of motherhood, housework
and artistic practice. While an Afghan friend showed her how Persian carpets are knotted, stories about the economic situation of Persian carpet weavers became linked to her own life situation. Every time the artist‘s workwas inter- rupted due to the needs of the newborn child and later also due to the physical pain caused by the rigid working posture, she changed the colour of the wool. In the video work „After fai- lure came the light“, which refers to the earlier knotting work, Paula Hurtado Otero shares part of her protocol of this monotonous, meditative, physically tiring work process and its temporal logic, which is clocked by the simultaneity of care work and artistic work.