Reader No 4, 07-09/2021, EDITORIAL & CONTENT


With contributions by Memo Akten, Ingrid Burrington, Peter Edwards, OPEN WEATHER (Sasha Engelmann & Sophie Dyer), Luzi Gross, Fabian Heller, Rosa Menkman, Susan Schuppli, UCNV and Alan Warburton and projects by Students of the Klasse Digitale Grafik HfBK Hamburg

The contributions gathered in the Reader Nr. 4 – im/possible images continue questions and themes of the exhibition project im/possible images in essays, reflections, collections of material and manuals.

The exhibition (15.7.-19.9.2021) presented research-based works by international artists* that open the black box of everyday image processing technologies. Questions they asked were: how do resolutions shape images and how does the process of resolving compromise other forms of rendering? When do aberrations and translations turn into false representations? And how has the field of computer simulation expanded the rules and functioning of our imagery?

 In the idea of accompanying publishing, texts and visual material are made accessible in the series of L13 readers that are connected to the themes and questions of various projects from the program of Lothringer 13 Halle and open up further spaces for thought. The contributions will be made available both online and in print on site at the Lothringer 13 Halle and can be individually compiled by visitors.


Index Reader Nr 4 im/possible images:


Rosa Menkman – im/possible images introduction
Luzi Gross – Die Rückseiten der Bilder oder: Eine Ausstellung un/möglicher Bilder

Exhibition documentation/ Ausstellungsdokumentation

All possible images, Rosa Menkman – The BLOB of im/possible images
Low fidelity images, Peter Edwards – Novadrone
Images based on speculation, dis/belief or imagination, Ingrid Burrington – „Forever Noon on a Cloudless Day“, NASA BASE MAP
Chronologies of im/possibility: X-Ray/ Röntgen, Pale Blue Dot, Medipix
New complexities and humanly un/readable images: Memo Akten – Learning to See, Rosa Menkman – Hologram Rose

Contributions to the Reader

Fabian Heller – All Possible Images/ Alle möglichen Bilder

UCNV – Into Supercritical

Daniel Temkin – Unprintables

OPEN WEATHER (Sasha Engelmann & Sophie Dyer) – The Im/Possible Weather Station & DIY Open Weather Workshop

Susan Schuppli – Can The Sun Lie?

Rosa Menkman – Whiteout

Alan Warburton – RGBFAQ

Klasse für digitale Grafik HfBK Hamburg – Projekte/ Projects of/ der im/possible summer school


im/possible Reading list/ Leseliste
Seminar Schedule: „(Im)possible Images – digital media, reality and the arts“
Call for im/possible images
Missing image