Institut für kritische Verschwörungstheorie


The Institute is a comparative research institution dedicated to the study of everyday conspiracies and the theories thereof. To this end, we are still gathering material. So let us know if your neighbours are Russian agents, you’ve learned of an international cabal of vaccinators (or an unsettling uprising of anti-vaccinators) or if there’s a funny smell in your corridor that you’re sure has been put there on purpose. 
We are interested in your own theories as well as those by others, articles, blurry images, even one-liners that hint at a bigger picture yet to be revealed. If you wish to remain an anonymous source, we will handle your contribution with the discretion it deserves. 
Please send any and all information to
For those who distrust digital communications, please send your analogue contributions to:
Institut für kritische Verschwörungstheorie, Lothringer13 Halle, Lothringer Straße 13, 81667 München
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Institute for Critical Conspiracy Theory