CALL: +49 (0)89 66 60 73 33
on February 25, 2021,  2 – 8 pm
Livestream on 

The Live-call-in TV show Please hold the line—thank you (for holding) is inspired by the current restrictions on social contacts and altered modes of interpersonal communication and interaction. As physical venues and contacts are off limits, being on hold has become a symbol of our lingering in a place that is neither here nor there. It is in this interspace that the performers appear, a*live and available in the installation setting—live online and on screens in the public-facing panorama windows of Lothringer 13 Halle. 
Our visitors are invited to call +49 (0)89 66 60 73 33 to get in virtual touch with Peragine and Taniko. The piece explores questions of contact, feedback, redirection, interdependency, and exhaustion.