Belonging through materials – the power of a talisman: a jewellery workshop by Juana Sierra


3.4., 16–18.30 Uhr




27.03.22, 16.00–18.30 Uhr, Workshop 1

03.04.22, 16.00–18.30 Uhr, Workshop 2


Juana Sierra artist

The workshop by Juana Sierra invites people to create a small object or piece of jewelry as a talisman for protection and belonging.

In the two hour workshop we will identify what each participant understands to be in need of protection and what is the meaning of home and belonging tracing a bridge between these ideas with the creation of an object. The aim is to reflect what does Home means to each one of us, when and what makes us feel we belong. We will determine how this can be reflected on an object that after consecration has the properties of a Talisman. This is an open topic, so one might think of something serious, comical, personal, or common to all.

There will be challenges and discussions to explore the various ways in which jewellery, or other objects closely relating to the body, might perform this role. The medium of jewellery has often been used to symbolize what we care or love the most in a beautiful and intimate way. So the aim is to mix magic and tradition with contemporary concerns and bring small objects to the world.

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The workshop will be held by artist Juana Sierra in English (optional also Spanish) language.
The workshop takes place in the context of the exhibition Förderpreise 2022, which includes five jewellery artists from Munich.

Reference project/s
with contributions from the nominated artists, studios and agencies from the fields of visual arts, architecture, design, photography and jewellery.
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