EXHAUSTER – Construction Site-specific Installation from the Carbon-induced Confusion Series


Spring 2021


installation, exhibition


Live call-in TV-Show, CALL: +49 (0)89 66 60 73 33

24.04.21, -, SOFT ROADER
Performance in public space in collaboration with Haus der Kunst

16.05.21, 4 pm, Ausstellungsrundgang
with Luzi Gross, curator

online, lokal [vorne]

Now open

00:01–23:59 h

Alice Peragine’s creative practice revolves around the ambivalent relationship between technology and the body. Her expansive installations, videos, and performances probe the interdependencies between technological developments and their ecological and social consequences. Peragine is especially interested in materials and media whose functions bear a direct relation to the human body, such as protective wear, medical applications, and smart technologies.

Alice peragine's multi-part project EXHAUSTER builds on individual experience and bodily states and turns the spotlight on the ways in which each of us is entangled in global processes of exploitation and fatigue. The contact zone EXHAUSTER makes space for speculations on the dynamic interactions of technological components and organic structures, but also on the possibility of novel participatory and caring connections beyond (hetero)normative politics of the body.

As a first part the Live-call-in TV show Please hold the line—thank you (for holding) went live on February 25th and is now available online.

For the second part at Ladenlokal [vorne] of Lothirnger 13 Halle, the recording is projected into a shop window facing the street. The space is appropriated using construction plans, tape, painter's fleece, transport boxes and cables for a Construction Site-specific Installation from the Carbon-induced Confusion Series, a contact zone between construction site and contaminated secutity zone.

The materials present in the room can also be found in the two other video works Headrester and Exhaust Recovery (both 2020), where they interact with human bodies, protective clothing, medical applications and smart technologies as well as airbags, engine parts and asphalt.

In response to the current situation, the presentation is designed to be seen from outside through the window. After the room had to remain closed for a whole year due to construction work, it can still not be used again for durational stays, encounters and events due to the current contact restrictions. Like so many things currently, the place remains on hold, in anticipation, in perseverance, in the in-between. The construction site becomes a metaphor for a state in which something is changing, but what is still unclear is what will arise.