Förderpreise der Landeshauptstadt München 2022


Every two years, the City of Munich awards its prizes for the visual arts, architecture, design, photography and jewelry. From March 17 (opening) to May 15, 2022, works by artists, offices and agencies nominated by five expert juries will be on display in the Lothringer 13 Halle.

The overall show of the nominations for the awards has become a tradition as an exhibition in the Lothringer 13 Halle. The audience experiences a surprising and unconventional juxtaposition of high-quality positions from the fields of visual and applied arts. The more than 30 invited artists and offices provide an exemplary insight into Munich's young art and design scene. In the Lothringer 13 Halle, they each present an excerpt from their work. The concentrated form of their presentations creates an appealing coexistence of the different disciplines and works.

Nominierte Künstler*innen

Fine arts
Melina Hennicker & Michael Schmidt
Stephan Janitzky
Judith Neunhäuserer
Sophie Schmidt
Johannes Tassilo Walter
Gülbin Ünlü
Albert von Stein

Martin Baur & Florian Latsch
Benedikt Hartl
Roman Leonhartsberger
Kollektiv P.O.N.R.
Max Otto Zitzelsberger

Philipp Ganter
Reiner Hofer
Carlota Barberán Madruga & Anna Rosa Schreiber
Sebastian Thies
Matthias Friederich & Julian von Klier
Nicole Sargenti, Martin Sprekelsen & Bastian Brandes

Anna Aicher
Sima Dehgani
Carmen Dobre-Hametner
Priscillia Grubo
Verena Kathrein
Denis Klausmann

Christine Graf
Joohee Han
Junwon Jung
Merlin Klein
Jasmin Matzakow
Takayoshi Terajima

The exhibition is organised by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich.
Department Prizes Visual Arts
Diana Ebster, Leoni Klinger, Birgit Dasser

Curated & Produced by Luzi Gross
Coordination & Press: Jana Kreutzer
Set-up support: Christian Eisenberg & Linus Schuierer

Reference project/s
Alle zwei Jahre verleiht die Landeshauptstadt München ihre Förderpreise für Bildende Kunst, Architektur, Design, Fotografie und Schmuck. In der Ausstellung Förderpreise 2020 sind vom 6. März (verlängert) bis 7. Juni in der Lothringer 13 Halle Werke der Künstler*innen bzw.
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The two hours workshop by Juana Sierra invites people to create a small object or piece of jewelry as a talisman for protection and belonging. Please register for the workshop via email to projekt@lothringer13.com
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talk to me
Next event on Sunday, May 21, 2023, from 2–4 pm. talk to me is an open conversation format that offers visitors one-to-one contact, to ask questions, to discuss their own point of view.
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The Art education program adresses students / school classes and groups. If you are interested, please contact julia.richter@lothringer13.com
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Unabhängig von Ort und Laufzeit können einzelne Ausstellungen aus dem Programm der Lothringer 13 Halle mit Klassen oder Gruppen online besucht werden. Hier finden Sie begleitende Video- und Audiobeiträge und Arbeistmaterial für individuelle Vermittlungsangebote. 
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