FRONT OFFICE RESIDENCY #1: Positionen – Texte zur aktuellen Musik




12.05.23, 8.30 pm,
Masako Ohta (Pianistin) & Naoto Yamagishi (Percussionist)

18.05.23, 3 pm,
Till Bovermann & Katharina Hauke (sound artists)

20.05.23, 5pm and 7pm, Release Positionen Issue #135
from 5 pm presentation of sound works with students of the study program Sound Art at HMTM from 7 pm, release of the new issue #135 "Klang Kunst Musik" together with the cooperation magazine 20seconds and the music acts Dawn Phase (Laura M. Ramsey & Kalas Liebfried) and the ensemble der/gelbe/klang

lokal [vorne]

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Within the framework of the FRONT OFFICE RESIDENCIES, international artists, independent editors, publishers, online formats, research groups and magazines temporarily use the Lothringer 13 lokal for public journalistic production, presentation and programming.

May 4 – 24, 2023
FRONT OFFICE RESIDENCY #1: Positionen – Texte zur aktuellen Musik
Positionen magazine has been around since 1988 and since its founding by Gisela Nauck was still based in East Germany, Leipzig and from 1990 in Berlin. Summer 2022, the magazine has now moved to Munich with one of the two editors Bastian Zimmermann and has a new home. Together with Andreas Engström, the magazine publishes quarterly in German on discursive topics in the field of contemporary music and related arts - with an author base of about 30 authors. Some of them are based in Munich...

From May 4-24, the magazine Positionen - Texte zur aktuellen Musik will be located at Lothringer 13 lokal. During the day, a coworking situation with the editors and authors as well as friends of the magazine will be created there. We are happy about every interested guest. Every noon from May 8 – 19, the team also invites you to a listening session of about 30 minutes. On May 20, we will celebrate the release of the May issue #135 together with some musciacts like Dawn Phase (Laura M. Ramsey & Kalas Liebfried) and students of the Sound Art program at HMTM. Also present will be the magazine 20seconds, with whom positions have cooperated for the May issue.On the evening of May 12, pianist Masako Ohta will perform together with percussionist Naoto Yamagishi. Noon on May 18 belongs to sound artists Till Bovermann and Katharina Hauke

Info on content, times and updates on new program items and especially the playlist of the midday listening sessions will be sent out on the Telegram channel: as well as Instagram: @positionenmusik


June 6 – 26, 2023
FRONT OFFICE RESIDENCY #2: kontingent kollektiv

Reference project/s
In 2024, we will again be making Lothringer 13 lokal available on a temporary basis for public journalistic production, presentation and programme. The application deadline for April 2024 ends on 30 December 2023!
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