FRONT OFFICE RESIDENCY #2: Kontingent Kollektiv




09.06.23, 6 pm, Kontingentale - Positionen im kontingenten Zeitalter"
Release of the catalogue "Kontingentale - Positionen im kontingenten Zeitalter" and round table

14.06.23, 8 pm, electro acoustic concert
with Brnjsmin & Klaus Filser

15.06.23, 7 pm, Beschämte Körper und der Spiegelblick
lecture and discussion with author Laura Späth

23.06.23, 8 pm, Wohnzimmerkonzert
with Koko Head Park

lokal [vorne]

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14.06.2023, 16 – 10 Uhr lokal geöffnet

15.06.2023, 16 – 20 Uhr lokal geöffnet

16.06.2023, 16 – 20 Uhr lokal geöffnet

21.06.2023, 16 – 20 Uhr lokal geöffnet

22.06.2023, 16 – 20 Uhr lokal geöffnet

23.06.2023, 16 – 20 Uhr lokal geöffnet

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kontingent kollektiv

Kontingentale – Positionen im kontingenten Zeitalter


As kontingent kollektiv, we create concepts and programmes at the intersection of art, science, and society. Our work is focused on social coexistence. 

The catalogue "Kontingentale - Positionen im kontingenten Zeitalter", which we are now displaying at Lothringer 13 Lokal, presents the collaborative exhibitions with artists on diverse social themes that we staged at Milchstraße 4 from February to July 2022. They addressed sociological topics like success, love, the body, gender, pathologisation, and foreignness. Each exhibition is given its own chapter, which is illustrated with (scientific) essays. The catalogue depicts common phenomena and scientific ideas through aesthetic positions. It was designed by John Haag and published by icon Verlag, with funding from the scholarship programme Junge Kunst und neue Wege and the LfA Förderbank. 

We kindly invite you to visit us during our stay at Lothringer 13 Lokal from 4 to 8 p.m. on Wednesdays through Fridays. On the evening of June 9, we will celebrate the catalogue's launch with a panel discussion. Brnjsmin and Klaus Filser will present an electronic-acoustic concert on June 14th. Laura Späth will present a lecture on „Beschämte Körper und Spiegelblick” on June 15th, followed by an audience discussion. We invite you to a living room concert with the band Koko Head Park at the end of our residency on June 23rd.

We hope to see you at our events and look forward to fascinating discussions and inspiring experiences.

Content and programme updates can be found on Instagram at @kontingentkollektiv. The catalogue is also available for purchase on our website:

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Within the framework of the FRONT OFFICE RESIDENCIES, international artists, independent editors, publishers, online formats, research groups and magazines temporarily use the Lothringer 13 lokal for public journalistic production, presentation and programming.
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In 2024, we will again be making Lothringer 13 lokal available on a temporary basis for public journalistic production, presentation and programme. The application deadline for April 2024 ends on 30 December 2023!
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